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Office of Construction

Current Memorandums

Picture of a Florida Roadway
Previous Construction Memo's that have expired will still apply to the projects let prior to the dates referenced in the memo, but will now require State Construction Engineer approval to ensure the intent of the memo is still applicable.
Matrix of DCE Memos for Zero Dollar Spec Changes

 DCE Memo's 2017
07-17Titan America Cement Company Plant (CMT23)
06-17Digital Signatures in Lieu of Notary
05-17Soil Classification Acceptance Criteria
04-17Revisions To Specification Section 400 - Concrete Structures
03-17Asphalt Roadway Pavement As-Built Data
02-17Acceptance of Brick Masonry Sand
01-17Asphalt Roadway-Daily Report of Quality Control Upload to Material Acceptance and Certification (MAC) Database

 DCE Memo's 2016
18-16Use of Recycled Concrete Aggregate As Backfill with Aluminum and Metalized Pipe
17-16Contract Time Adjustment - Holiday and Special Events
16-16Titan America Cement Company (CMT23)
15-16Revisions To Specification Section 102 - Maintenance  Of Traffic
14-16MAC Soils-Earthwork Information (PDF size 203KB)
13-16MAC Full Implementation
12-16Changing PG 76-22 (ARB) To PG 76-22 (PMA)
11-16Ground In Rumble Stripes
10-16New ASTM Standard for High Strength Structural Bolts
09-16Public Records Revised
08-16Buy America Requirements-All Producers
07-16MAC Full Implementation Schedule Update
06-16Shoulder Traffic Level and Binder same as Mainline
05-16MAC Full Implementation Schedule
04-16Cemex Brooksville South Plant Revised
03-16MASH-16 Implementation Plan
02-16Titan American Cement Company Plant Revised
01-16Revisions to Specification Section 400 - Concrete Structures Revised

 DCE Memo's 2015
24-15Design Standard Index 17727
23-15MAC Company Profile
22-15Implementation of Vacuum Drying for Density of Cores
21-15W-Beam Guardrail Panels
20-15Revisions To Specification Section 353 - Concrete Pavement Slab Replacement
19-15Eliminating Arithmetic Mean
18-15Manufacturers' Warranties
17-15Unreinforced Concrete Barrier Walls - Disposition of Cracks
16-15Removal of the Requirement for Endorsements
15-15Acceptance Test For Dynamic Message Signs
14-15MAC Implementation & Contractor QC Plans
13-15Materials Acceptance and Certification System (MAC) Implementation, Company Profile Training
12-15Windrow Paving - Specification Changes To Section 330 - Hot Mix Asphalt - General Construction Requirements
11-15Pile Installation Plan - Test Program and Production Pile Schedule
10-15Amendment To The Construction Engineering And Inspection Scope Of Services For Hybrid Contracts
09-15Mass Concrete
08-15St Johns River Power Park Fly Ash-Jacksonville (FA17) Revised 4/27/15
07-15PG 76-22 (ARB) Supply Issues and Changing to PG 76-22 (PMA) Revised 4/15/15
06-15Revisions To Materials Manual Volume II Section 9.2 - Substitutions of Materials - Fly Ash
05-15Revisions To Specification Section 346 - Portland Cement Concrete
03-15Emulsions Now Listed on Approved Products List
02-15Revisions To Specification Section 346 - Portland Cement Concrete
01-15Separation Technologies - Big Bend, Apollo Beach FLY ASH (FA30)

 DCE Memo's 2014
20-14Modification to Specification 919 - Ground Tire Rubber in Asphalt Binder
10-14Sod Netting - Section 981
09-14Eye Bolts for Span Wire Assembly


 DCE Memo's 2013
24-13Conflict of Interest Clarification
13-13Implementation of Electronic Submissions of Construction Documentation
08-13End of Asphalt Load Segregation Concerns
07-13Technical Specification Change for Reclaimed Concrete Aggregate (on Federal-Aid Projects)


 DCE Memo's 2012
10-12Inclusion of FHWA 1273 in Sub-Contracts Revised 10/8/13


 DCE Memo's 2011
09-11Unverified Concrete Lots on the Project - Final Materials Certifications







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