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Previous Construction Memo's that have expired will still apply to the projects let prior to the dates referenced in the memo, but will now require State Construction Engineer approval to ensure the intent of the memo is still applicable.

 DCE Memo's 2016
01-16Revisions to Specification Section 400 - Concrete Structures Revised (*.pdf, 33kb)
02-16Titan American Cement Company Plant (*.pdf, 71kb) Revised
04-16Cemex Brooksville South Plant (*.pdf, 685kb) Revised
05-16MAC Full Implementation Schedule (*.pdf, 386kb)
06-16Shoulder Traffic Level and Binder same as Mainline (*.pdf, 317kb)
07-16MAC Full Implementation Schedule Update (*.pdf, 723kb)
08-16Buy America Requirements-All Producers (*.pdf, 359kb)
09-16Public Records (*.pdf, 69kb)
10-16New ASTM Standard for High Strength Structural Bolts (*.pdf, 490kb)
13-16MAC Full Implementation (*.pdf, 148kb)
14-16MAC Soils-Earthwork Information (*.pdf, 197kb)
15-16Revisions To Specification Section 102 - Maintenance  Of Traffic (*.pdf, 97kb)
16-16Titan America Cement Company (CMT23) (*.pdf, 173kb)
18-16Use of Recycled Concrete Aggregate As Backfill with Aluminum and Metalized Pipe (*pdf,  165kb)