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Construction Memos and Bulletins expire at the end of the calendar year in which they are issued, unless they are listed under the current memos.

DCE Memo's 2007

23-07Sod Netting - Section 981
22-07Clarification of Specification 455-5.15.2
21-07Concrete Pipe Gaskets
20-07Use of 4x8 Inch Concrete Cylinders
19-07Implementation of Concrete Sample/Lot Numbering System & Report
18-07Revision to Specification 285 - Optional Base Course
17-07Raised Retro-reflective Pavement Markers - Qualified Products List Removal
16-07Initial Retroreflectivity for Thermoplastic
15-07Verification Testing of Manufactured Products REVISED
14-07Revision to Specification 9-8; Acceptance & Final Payment (Form FHWA-47)
13-07Preliminary and Semifinal Inspection of Construction Projects
12-07Clarification of Responsibility - Documentation for Installation of Drilled Shafts & Augercast Piles
11-07Test Specification Section 330- Joint Smoothness Requirements
10-07Shop Drawing Approval of Pedestrian/Bicycle Picket Railing Anchor Bolts
09-07Revision to Specification 7-24.3 - DBE Records and Reports
08-07Asphalt Plant Staffing Requirements
07-07Detection of Soluble Salts Prior to Painting Structural Steel
06-07Qualified Products for Structural Coatings
05-07Contractor Certification Preparation - Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Form # 650-040-05
04-07Payment of Bond for Extra Work for Subcontractors REVISED 4/16/07
03-07Modified Independent Verification Procedure for Asphalt REVISED 8/20/07
02-07Change to Specification 975 - Structural Coating Materials
01-07Quality Control Personnel Training