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Construction Training & Qualification Manual
CTQM - 700-000-001

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ChaptersTitleEffectiveRevisedContact Person
Table of ContentsComplete Section Listing for All Chapters5/18/0011/30/15 
Cover Page 11/30/15  
Acronyms 7/01/027/13/09 
Chapter 1Construction Training & Qualification Administration5/18/0002/10/16Susan Robeson
Chapter 2Aggregate Technician Training & Qualification Program7/01/0211/30/15John Shoucair
Chapter 3Asphalt Inspection Training and Qualification Program7/01/0211/30/15Richard Hewitt
Chapter 4Concrete Training and Qualification Program7/01/0202/10/16Ronda Daniell
Chapter 5Earthwork Training and Qualification Program7/01/0211/30/15 
Chapter 6Geotechnical Training Program8/3/0911/30/15Juan Castellanos
Chapter 7Quality Management7/01/0211/30/15Ken Morgan
Chapter 8Structures Training and Qualification Program7/01/0211/30/15John Westphal
Chapter 9Final Estimates Training and Qualifications Program1/1/0311/30/15Kristin Brown
Chapter 10CTQP Course Provider Administration9/1511/30/15Susan Robeson
Chapter 11Construction Safety Awareness Training Course7/01/0211/30/15Jason Russell