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CPAM - Recent Chapter Revisions

Picture of a Florida Roadway
Chap./Sect.Revised DateTitle
8.312/6/18Operation Within Railroad Right of Way
6.211/30/18Alternative Contracts
10.911/30/18Structural Steel & Miscellaneous Metal Components
8.1211/29/18Locally Funded Agreements
13.111/1/18Contractor's Past Performance Rating
12.19/27/18Project Acceptance
10.79/17/18Post Tensioned Bridges
2.29/12/18Final Estimates Pre-Planning
10.38/29/18Concrete Construction
4.18/27/18Administration of Consultant CEI Contracts
4.28/27/18Consultant CEI Accountability
10.48/21/18Coatings & Asbestos Removal, Handling & Disposal & Structural Steel Coating Issues
10.68/21/18Underwater Bridge Construction Inspection
8.48/21/18Shop & Erection Drawing Process
8.117/11/18Contractor Initiated Submittals
8.136/20/18Pipe Inspection, Evaluation and Repair
8.26/20/18Environmental Permit Compliance
8.146/20/18Value Added Features
5.116/20/18Final Estimates Documents
10.126/20/18 Foundations on Design-Build Projects
9.36/5/18Work Zone Traffic Incident Evaluation and Reporting
10.86/1/18Auger Cast Piles
10.56/1/18Drilled Shafts
7.25/18/18Time Extensions
8.105/16/18Noise and Vibration Abatement
5.165/16/18Earthwork Notes & Documentation
8.94/9/18Contract Termination
8.74/9/18Contractor Non-Responsibility For Construction Contract
8.63/21/18Contract Default
8.53/21/18Contract Delinquency
7.53/20/18Construction Contract Claims
5.43/13/18Contract Wage Requirements
6.13/1/18Unpaid Bills Processing
5.142/13/18Field Records
1.21/30/18Contract Duration & Alternative Contracting Techniques
5.712/20/17Federal Aid Project Requirements
13.312/19/17Contractor Survey
5.812/12/17Control of Materials
11.112/7/17Asphalt LOT Documentation
7.612/7/17Contracting for Governor Declared Emergencies
3.512/1/07Final Estimates Quality Reviews
5.1211/29/17Final As-Built Plans Process
11.910/30/17Salvage of Materials
3.310/25/17Contractor's Quality Control Plan
3.110/4/17Preconstruction Conference
5.39/29/17Subletting of Contract
7.39/29/17Supplemental Agreements and Unilateral Payments
7.49/28/17Contingency Supplemental Agreements, Work Orders
5.29/28/17Contractor Vehicle Registration
5.59/28/17Equipment Rental
5.159/28/17Final Measurements
9.19/27/17Maintenance Of Traffic
13.29/27/17Constructability Grades
11.59/27/17Testing & Correcting Asphalt Pavement Surface Deficiencies
3.28/21/17Quality Assurance and Quality Control of Field Construction Operations
11.28/24/17Asphalt Mix Temperature Control
5.108/21/17Verification Inspection & Testing
7.78/7/17Payment of Recovery of Property Damage Costs
11.38/21/17Categorizing Asphalt & Other Base Courses
1.16/27/17 Plans Review and Comments
10.118/7/17General Structures Construction Issues
5.97/19/17Process Review of Construction Engineering & Inspection
5.136/14/17Plan Summary Boxes
11.66/14/17Documentation for Multi-Fin Projects, Under One Contract
11.76/14/07Asphalt Construction Information for CQC
10.24/19/17Precast Prestressed Concrete Components
10.104/19/17Bridge Construction Issues that Must Involve Office of Construction Staff
11.54/19/17Testing and Correcting Asphalt Pavement Surface Deficiencies
1.34/3/17Pre-Bid Questions and Answers
6.12/13/17Unpaid Bills Processing
3.312/28/16Contractor's Quality Control Plan
8.1312/15/16Pipe Inspection, Evaluation & Repair
5.1112/19/16Final Estimates Documents
5.610/27/16Utility Work
3.56/12/2016Quality Assurance Reviews for Final Estimates
13.33/18/16Contractor Survey
10.210/6/14Prestressed/Precast Concrete Componenets
9.2Work Zone Regulatory Speeds (Deleted)
11.22/4/14Asphalt Mix Temperature Control Density Earthwork Inspection Training Program
5.112/4/13F.A.I.N. Resolution Project Diary
TOC1/24/13Table of Contents
4.111/2/12Administration of Contract Time
4.211/2/12Construction Contract Time Extension Procedure