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Final Estimates Forms

Picture of a Florida Roadway

*The forms indicated with asterisk can also be generated in the Construction Forms application to include the applicable project specific information (Contract Number, Project Number(s), Contractor, etc.). The Construction Forms application is located on the Construction Automated Reporting (CARS) menu (Internal Use Only).

If you do not find a certain form here, please check for additional forms on the Forms & Procedures website.

DFEO Forms

Computation Book Forms (Comp Book Forms 700-050-01 thru  700-050-09)

700-050-10 Item Computation Book Pay Summary & Certification Sheet (Internal Use Only)

700-050-20 Final Plans & Estimates Transmittal* (EDMS Batch Export)

700-050-21 Form 21- A  Surety Release*

700-050-22 Form 21- A (Modified) Surety Takeover

700-050-26 Final Interest Payment Log*

700-050-28 Estimates Office Record of Final Plans and Documents (Internal Use Only)

700-050-35 Earthwork Survey/Cross Section Waiver*

700-050-36 Final Estimates Review Form*

700-050-37 CRS Contract Estimate Transmittal—Action Request

700-050-38 Certification as to Accuracy of Final Estimate

Site Source Records

700-050-53 Final Measurements

700-050-54 Daily Report of Truck - Measured Material Site Source Record

700-050-54A Truck Measured Sketch (Regular Bed)

700-050-54B Truck Measured Sketch (Irregular Shape Bed)

700-050-56 Daily Log Sheet – Miscellaneous Tabulation Form

700-050-57 Lane Rental

700-050-58 Daily Record of Extra Work

700-050-59 Cost Estimate for Increase, Decrease, or Alteration in the Work (Spec 4-3.2)

700-050-61 Final Measurement "Miscellaneous"

700-050-62 Contractors Certification of Quantities - MOT, Signs* (Instructions)

700-050-66 Contractors Certification of Quantities - Asphalt & Bituminous Materials

700-050-67/68  MOT - Painted Pavement Markings Daily Worksheet & Certification of Quantities* (Instructions)

700-050-70 Traffic Marking Certification

700-050-71 Asphalt Concrete Pay Item Reduction Sheet

700-050-72 Computer Summary of Quantities for Asphalt Concrete