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TopicsFile Type & Size
Asphalt Construction Duties Guidelines for CQC Specifications
Asphalt MatrixPDF File, 59kb
Asphalt Quick Reference (For Contracts Let before Jan. 2011)PDF File, 378kb
Asphalt Quick Reference (For Contracts Let after Jan. 2011)PDF File, 395kb
Roadway Cheat Sheet (Common Roadway Spec Requirements)
Asphalt Resident Contact ListMS Excel File, 61kb
Qualified Asphalt PlantsLinks to Materials Office Website
Asphalt Forms for Contractor Quality Control 
QCRR MAR Removal, Segregation, Straightedge Corrections UPDATED 2/14/17PDF File, 1.9mb
QCRR - Calculating Engineer Approved Changes ADDED 8/7/17PPTX File; 624kb
LS/DB Asphalt Pay Adjustment System UPDATED 2/22/17PPTX File; 68kb
Asphalt Tanker Calibration Charts 
Asphalt Pre-Paving Conference Agenda 
Statistical Ride Number Summary of High Speed Roadway Projects
Analysis of Ride Acceptance Projects by DistrictPDF File, 34kb
Analysis of Ride Acceptance Projects by Friction CoursePDF File, 19kb
Statistical Summary of Ride Acceptance Projects (1-04-05)PDF File, 101kb
Laser Profiler Smoothness and Ride Number Frequency Distribution Results
Asphalt Warranty 
Asphalt Warranty Statistics 
Flowchart - VAAP with Warranty Period of 3 yearsPDF File, 127kb
Asphalt - All You Ever Wanted to Know...  And Then Some
Link to State Materials Office
Developmental Specifications 
Hot Mix Asphalt - General Construction Requirements - Smoothness (Dev 330SM)
Construction of smooth pavement, testing and acceptance using the Laser Profiler, and pay adjustments based on ride number.
For use on Interstate projects with less than 150,000 AADT.
View All Current Developmental Specs