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Aviation and Spaceports Office

  • In accordance with Chapter 330, Florida Statutes, we regulate Florida’s 751 civilian airports through public airport inspection and licensing, and private airport registration
  • In accordance with Chapter 331, Florida Statutes, we support Space Florida facility planning and funding.
  • In accordance with Chapter 332, Florida Statutes, we:
    • Develop and maintain the Florida Aviation System Plan and aviation activity forecasts.
    • Promote the development and improvement of Florida’s airports and spaceports.
    • Provide information and outreach to local governments, other state agencies, the general public, legislators and members of Congress and federal agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • In accordance with Chapter 333, Florida Statutes, we analyze airspace obstructions and permit construction within ten nautical miles of public airports until the permitting authority has been assumed by local government.