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This table provides brief clarifications to the works that are allowed to be performed by Contractor's Engineer of Record, Department Approved Specialty Engineer and Specialty Engineer as defined in Specification Section 1. For definitions, additional information and further clarifications refer to Specification Section 1.
Work TypeContractor's Engineer of RecordDepartment Approved Specialty EngineerSpecialty Engineer
Cost Savings Initiative ProposalYesNoNo
Details of the permanent work not fully detailed in the plansYesYesYes
Design and details of the permanent work declared to be minor or non-structural including minor repairsYesYesYes
Design and details of the permanent work declared to be major or structural including major repairsYesYes*No
Design and drawings of temporary works, such as falsework, formwork, etc.YesYesYes
 *The work must also be checked by another Department Approved Specialty Engineer