Grants Administration and Procurement

Elizabeth Stutts, State Transit Manager

Functions of Grants Administration and Procurement 

The Transit Office administers Federal and State transit grants, monitors compliance with transit regulations, Title VI, and provides planning, procurement assistance and technical assistance to Florida's transit agencies and communities.

Grants Administration

State Block Grant Program

Section 5303 -- Program that funds metropolitan and state transit planning projects

Section 5307 -- Formula program that funds capital and operating assistance in urbanized areas

Section 5310 -- Programs for capital projects planned, designed and carried out to meet special needs of elderly and individuals with disabilities

Section 5311 -- Formula program that funds capital and operating assistance in rural areas

Section 5339 -- Buses and Bus Facilities Grants Program

Section 5305(d) -- Metropolitan Planning Program (MPP)

Florida Department of Transportation Grant Application Manuals

Section 5310 Application FFY2022

Section 5311 Application FFY2022

 Section 5311(f) Application FFY2022

Section 5339 Application FFY2022

Section 5305(d) Application Documents 

     FTA Certifications and Assurances

     FTA 5305 Budget

     2021 MPO Handbook  

     Form SF-424 - Download the Application for Federal Assistance (SF-424) from this link and open from your downloads page in Kofax or Adobe

     Form SF-424 Instructions

     FY21 Certification for Lobbying, Debarment and Suspension

     FFY21 Title VI and DBE Utilization

Florida Department of Transportation Manuals and Forms

State Managment Plan Overview

State Managment Plan  Standard Operating Procedures

2016 State Management Plan

State of Florida Park and Ride Guide

5307 Triennial Review Guide

5310 Triennial Review Guide

5311 Triennial Review Guide


Procurement Guidance for Transit Agencies - 2019

FDOT Local Agency Procurement Manual

FDOT Local Agency Procurement Factsheet

FDOT Procurement FAQ

FDOT Procurement Resource Guides

FDOT Transit Procurement Training Presentation

Federal Transit Administration Circulars

Section 5310 Circular on Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Program Guidance

Section 5311 Circular on Formula Grants For Rural Areas 

Section 5305(d) Circular on Metropolitan Planning Program (MPP)   

Section 5339 Circular on Bus and Bus Facilities Program

FTA Third Party Contracting Guidance Circular

Federal Transit Administration Reporting Forms and Helpful Documents

FTA Best Practices Procurement Manual

Charter Service Quarterly Reporting Form

Congressional Districts by County 2016

DBE Semi-Annual Report Form

FDOT 2021-2023 FTA DBE Goal

Disclosure of Lobbying Activities Standard Form LLL

Florida Intercity Bus Service Needs Assessment and Action Plan

Florida Intercity Bus Service Tech Memo One: Baseline Conditions

Florida Intercity Bus Service Tech Memo Two: Needs Assessment

Transit Non-Discrimination - Title VI Program

FDOT Title VI Program for Transit Programs

Title VI Policy  (English)  (Spanish) (Haitian-Creole)

Title VI Nondiscrimination Procedures

Title VI - Nondiscrimination Complaint Form (English) (Spanish)  (Haitian-Creole)

Limited English Proficiency Guidance

Language Assistance Plan

Title VI Discrimination Complaint Forms or questions regarding Title VI issues should be sent to:

Jacqueline E. Paramore, State Title VI Coordinator
Florida Department of Transportation
Equal Opportunity Office
605 Suwannee Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0450
(850) 414-4753
(850) 414-4879 (FAX)

Office of Civil Rights
Federal Transit Administration
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20590