Hurricane Response

From June through November each year, the FDOT Traffic Engineering and Operations Office (TEOO) is prepared to address the special transportation problems brought on by hurricane season. Whether a tropical storm is due to strike Florida or a much stronger hurricane threatens, the FDOT is responsible for seeing that preparations are made and procedures carried out to safeguard critical transportation infrastructure. Another important function is keeping roads open for the thousands of coastal residents who may have to evacuate their communities.

After the storm, FDOT Districts institute rapid recovery operations to open roads, restore traffic signals, resume operations at transportation management centers, assist with monitoring and providing detour routes as evacuees return to their homes, and provide other support as needed or directed by the state Emergency Operations Center. The TEOO in Tallahassee coordinates its efforts with those of the FDOT Transportation Emergency Operations Center, FDOT Maintenance Office and the District Traffic Operations Engineers, as well as the Florida Highway Patrol, the state Emergency Operations Center, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to help get roads reopened as soon as possible.

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District Traffic Operations Engineers Meeting (January 27, 2005):

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