• While Florida's seaports are independently operated and managed, FDOT and the seaports work together in a partnership through the Florida Seaport Transportation and Economic Development Council (FSTED).
  • FSTED has statutory planning responsibility for preparing the Seaport Mission Plan.
  • FDOT has responsibility for developing statewide transportation plans. Modal plans for highways, rail, aviation, and transit have been developed, but a statewide modal plan for Florida's seaports had not been developed in the past.
  • In order to fulfill its' responsibilities for planning for an integrated, multimodal transportation system, FDOT, working with its' partners, developed a Florida Seaport System Plan.
  • This Plan integrates the planning work done by both FDOT and FSTED to provide needed guidance for statewide seaport system planning.
  • During 2008 and 2009, the Department worked with a Stakeholders Working Group made up of seaport, railroad, MPOs, planning, environmental, user, economic development and transportation staff to solicit guidance on drafting the Plan.
  • The Plan provides a blueprint that identifies current system conditions, critical issues, and a vision and goals, objectives and strategies for the system; develops cargo and passenger forecasts; and identifies on and off-port infrastructure needs and implementation actions needed to continue to maintain a successful seaport system in the future.
  • The Working Group adopted a Recommendations Report in Fall 2009.
  • These recommendations were used as part of the strategies and implementation recommendations in the Plan.
  • A draft of the Florida Seaport System Plan and Appendices was available for public review until November 30, 2010.
  • After appropriate changes were made, the Secretary of the Department of Transportation adopted the final Seaport System Plan on December 14, 2010.  To access, select the links below:

    Florida Seaport System Plan (Dec 2010)
    Florida Seaport System Plan Appendix (Dec 2010)
  • Concurrently with the development of the Plan, FDOT has revised its' automated seaport data and project data system known as SeaCIP. When complete, ports and district offices will have a computerized tool available both for project identification and project review.

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