Project Evaluation And Selection

Eligibility Evaluation

Applications are reviewed by local FDOT SRTS Coordinator. A proposed project can be declared ineligible for several reasons, such as:

· The Application was not received by the deadline.

· The Application is not fully completed or is missing required attachments.

· A comprehensive planning process was not completed before applying.

· The required Tally and Survey were not completed before applying or is not attached.

· The project does not comply with SRTS guidelines.

· The project would interfere with or disrupt existing infrastructure or planned improvements.


Ranking Criteria

Some of the selection criteria are:

· Completeness of the School-based SRTS Planning Committee.

· Comprehensiveness of the SRTS planning process (including such tasks as addressing all 5 E’s of SRTS and consideration of various solutions to the problems identified.

· Comprehensiveness of the public outreach process, including the affected neighborhoods and PTA/PTO organizations at affected schools.

· High level of interest on the part of the school in supporting walking and bicycling to school, and willingness to participate fully in a comprehensive SRTS program.

· Demonstrated need and community support for the project.

· Potential of the proposed project to increase the number of students walking and bicycling to school.

· Potential for the proposed project to eliminate the need for hazardous or courtesy busing routes.

· Potential to increase the safety of high numbers of students already walking or bicycling to school in hazardous conditions.

· Identification of safety hazards and the potential of the proposed project to reduce child injuries and fatalities.

· Potential for the project to complete a priority pathway, with connections to neighborhoods and public destinations like parks, other schools or libraries.

· Demonstrated need for financial assistance to complete these priority pathway connections.

· Constructability (including clear right of way)

· Consideration and suggestion of alternative locations for projects facing constructability problems.

· Ability of the Applicant or Maintaining Agency to complete the project, or a workable plan to complete the project another way.


Consideration is also given to other factors relating to the proposed project, which are deemed necessary to promote the pedestrian and bicycle safety of students in and around school areas.