Project Administration

Unless the project is to be implemented by the FDOT District, Maintaining Agencies of selected projects will be required to enter into a contract with the FDOT. This contract generally takes the form of a LAP agreement. Any agreement used must contain language for all federally mandated regulations.

Important points to remember:

· For projects on local roads, the Project Administrator’s agency must in most cases be LAP-certified in order to enter into a LAP agreement to design and/or build the project.

· Projects must follow appropriate design criteria. Projects on the State Highway System must follow the criteria established in the Plans Preparation Manual (PPM) and the FDOT design standards. Projects on local systems should meet the minimum standards and criteria provided in the Manual of Uniform Minimum Standards for Design, Construction and Maintenance for Streets and Highways (Florida Greenbook). These documents can be found on FDOT’s Roadway Criteria web site.

· The Project Administrator is required to pay initial project costs and submit progress reports and billings for reimbursement of direct costs, as described in the FDOT LAP Manual.

· Any work performed by the Project Administrator prior to receiving written authorization to proceed is not eligible for reimbursement.

· Indirect costs will not be reimbursed.

Please contact your District or designee if you have any remaining questions on the submission, selection and administration of SRTS Infrastructure project.

Application Process

Application Process