Police Traffic Services

Grant Funding

Police Traffic Services are intended to promote enforcement traffic safety laws and regulations; reduce traffic-crashes and resulting fatalities and injuries; provide aid and comfort to the injured; provide investigation and reporting of specific details and causes of traffic crashes; provide supervision of traffic crash and highway incident clean-up; and provide maintenance of safe and orderly movement of traffic along the highway system. Programs receiving grant funding in this priority area are focused on four major program related categories:

  • Resource Management: Providing law enforcement agencies with equipment needed to implement traffic safety programs and enforce traffic safety laws. (Note: Grant funding is not intended to replace an agency's existing equipment).
  • Training: Providing opportunities for law enforcement officers and legal professionals to attend training that will increase knowledge and skills and motivate and enhance professionalism and effectiveness.
  • Traffic Law Enforcement: Providing "seed" money for law enforcement agencies to increase traffic enforcement staff to address apparent traffic safety issues in their area that cannot be addressed with current staff levels. May also include funding for overtime enforcement, if necessary.
  • Communication Program: Public awareness and education regarding traffic enforcement services.

Items eligible for funding under this category may include: registration fees and equipment for training. Travel expenses and per diem to attend training activities are not normally funded.

All program areas funded with grant funds are required to have an evaluation method that will allow assessment of the funded programs level of success in reducing fatalities and injuries.

Resources and Training Links

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