Implementation Plan

Complete Streets

In 2015, FDOT embarked on a journey to change the way we think about our transportation system. Spurred by the 2014 adoption of our Complete Streets Policy and concurrent with revisions to the Florida Transportation Plan, the Department engaged SmartGrowth America to facilitate a series of Complete Streets-focused workshops. The workshops included a selection of external partners as well as FDOT. Representatives from local and regional governments, industry trade groups, developers, and other experts had seats at the table and participated fully in the discussions and revelations of the workshops. The meetings made it clear that a 21st Century FDOT had to change "business as usual" practices to put context first. As FDOT Secretary Jim Boxold likes to put it, we have to put the right street in the right place. The days of "one size fits all" design are over.

The Complete Streets Implementation Plan (PDF), released in December 2015, is our playbook for changing everything we do, so we can put context at the center of our decision-making. It prescribes detailed chapter-and-verse edits to the dozen key FDOT manuals and guides that control the bulk of FDOT's planning, design, and operations

The meeting minutes, presentations, and agendas for the workshops are provided below, for anyone interested in seeing what FDOT saw, thought, and said about our Complete Streets transformation. Moving ahead, FDOT is guided by a timeline of specific updates and products through 2017, each of which is completes part of the Implementation Plan.



Workshop Materials / Interim Products

August 26, 2015



Review of Technical Memorandum Implementation Plan

Overview of Technical Memorandum

Technical Memorandum

June 2-3, 2015


Agenda Day 1&2

Multimodal Development and Delivery

Summary of findings from past workshops
Key Issues and Common themes

Design Flexibility

Decision Making Processes and Roles

Internal/External Considerations

Policy and Guidance Document Review

Next Steps

May 13-14, 2015


Agenda - Day 1



Agenda - Day 2

Workshop - ITS, TDM and Freight Logistics

FDOT TDM and Complete Streets

ITS and Complete Streets


Freight Overview

Freight Roadway Design Considerations

Freight Logistics

April 7-8, 2015



Workshop - Active Transportation


Active transportation at FDOT
State role in active transportation
Active transportation, land use, and successful TOD
Transit fundamentals
Group exercise: Owning success
Designing for active transportation
Understanding and overcoming challenges to designing for active Transportation
Group exercise: Routinely creating great environments for active Transportation
Performance measures for active transportation
Making your case for active transportation projects

March 10, 2015



Workshop - Transportation and Land Use


Introduction to Land Use Planning

Zoning and Subdivision

American Planning Association-Planning in Florida

Planning for Economic and Fiscal Health

Synthesis and Next Steps

February 16, 2015



Event Kickoff


Opening remarks:


Assistant Secretary - Brian Blanchard, P.E.

District 1 Secretary - Billy Hattaway, P.E.

State Roadway Design Engineer - Michael Shepard, P.E.

Introduce Project Management and Implementation Team
Establish Mission Statement
Present schedule, venue, other logistics

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