Research projects funded through the FDOT Research Center address needs identified by FDOT's functional areas.  Information about the process and procedures for contracting with the Research Center is provided in the FDOT Research Program Manual.

Requests for Research Proposals (RFRP) - Florida Universities

No requests currently posted. 

NOTE: Proposals prepared in response to RFRPs must be prepared according to the instructions provided in the advertisement. Proposals that do not conform to these instructions or are not received by the deadline stated in the advertisement will not be considered.

Universities are responsible for checking this web page for information and updates.

University researchers who wish to be notified when RFRPs are posted may send an email to Jennifer Clark, Research Development Coordinator. Please type "RFRP" in the subject line and include your name and the name of your university in the body of the email.

Universities submitting proposals must have an executed University Master Agreement, Form #375-040-64 (version 04/08 or later) on file with the Department.