image001The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has begun a Project Development and Environment (PD&E) study to continue the efforts of the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to address local access along SW 10th Street, improve safety, and provide a connection between I-95, Sawgrass Expressway and Florida’s Turnpike.

This PD&E Study will evaluate two facilities within the SW 10th Street corridor. One facility will address a regional connection between adjacent Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) facilities; the Turnpike / Sawgrass Expressway and I-95. Improving this linkage will improve mobility and contribute to the economic vitality of Southeast Florida. The other roadway facility to be evaluated will be a lower-speed, local roadway to address business and community mobility needs. An improved local SW 10th Street facility will address existing operational and safety deficiencies along SW 10th Street between Florida’s Turnpike/Sawgrass Expressway and SR 9/I-95. Multimodal, pedestrian and bicycle features will also be included. The PD&E study involves evaluating various alternatives and comparing the engineering, social, and environmental effects of each alternative. The Community Oversight Advisory Team (COAT) representatives will continue to be a key asset to the PD&E study and their recommendations will be evaluated during the study.

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