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Transportation related manufactured products are introduced to the Department from a variety of sources. Identified MOT (Maintenance of Traffic) devices, Traffic Operations equipment, hardware and manufactured products related to transportation are processed through the Product Evaluation Section of the Program Management Office: Procedure 630-020-001. It establishes the process used for initial submittal, introduction, review and evaluation of these products. For products requiring pre-approval by the Department, this procedure also establishes the process used to create and maintain an APL (Approved Products List) which includes criteria applicable to requalification and removal of products.
The Product Evaluation Section acts as coordinators and provides guidance for those seeking to introduce manufactured products to the Department.
Based on initial information received from the manufacturer: The Product Evaluation Section determines which process is appropriate for a particular product by acting as liaison with the Technical Expert(s) in the Department office(s) with the appropriate technical expertise that facilitate the evaluation of the product. If multiple offices are involved, the Product Evaluation Section coordinates the multiple reviews.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)  

What is the Approved Fabricators List?

The Approved Fabricators List is the Department's Production Facility Listing per Specification Section 105: A list consisting of participating material producers which are required to have a quality control plan that must be reviewed and accepted by the Department prior to doing business within the state: https://www.fdot.gov/materials/default.shtm

What is a Trade Secret?

A trade secret is any information that allows you to make money because it is not generally known: formula, computer program, process, method, device, technique, pricing information, customer lists or other non-public information. If the economic value of a piece of information relies on it being kept private, it could be a trade secret, for example the formula for Coca-Cola. However, Trade Secrets may be subject to public disclosure: I strongly suggest that you do not send anything that you may not want released as a Public Record. Florida has a very broad Public Record Law: most written communications are subject to that law and disclosure.

Why should I sign-up for Contact Mailer?

Contact Mailer is great for those who want the latest with the Department happenings which can possibly affect the products that you manufacture or use: https://www.fdot.gov/designsupport/contactdatabase.shtm

Is Pipe Liner on the APL?


Pipe Liner's are not on the APL but it is used by Maintenance except as per Specification Section 431.

Does a letting date limitation mean that I can still use the product?

Contractors are able to use and install the product but only for jobs with Specification Workbook dates within the limitation. Typically a new Workbook is published every January and July.

What is an Alleged Deficiency?

An Alleged Deficiency is an APL product that has been reported to the department as not performing as reflected in the Specification requirements.

What do Comments and Limitations mean on the APL?

Comments: Typically unique characteristics of a product approval for limited use or special instructions of it's use.


Limitations: Typically department policy procedure that limits a products use or instructions for use. 

What is Conditional Approval of an APL product?

When implemented Specifications, Design Standards or other standards include requirements related to product testing on a dept. test deck or other situation(s). The dept. may allow the product to have Conditional Approval on the APL by request of the applicant. The manager of the Product Evaluation Section will be responsible for the final review and acceptance of the request on behalf of the dept. in consultation with the Product Evaluation Administrator and other dept. personnel to ensure the Conditional APL Approval is in compliance with implemented Specifications, Design Standards or other standards. The dept. may require an acceptable full field replacement warranty for the performance of products installed on projects during the specified time period.

Are Asphalt Release Agents on the APL?

Asphalt Release Agents are not on the APL but they are referenced in Specification Section 320-7.

Who do I need to contact about doing a Mural/Painting on a Sound Barrier Wall?

If it is on the State System: Maintenance. 


If it is off the State System: Contact local directly for whoever locally owns and/or maintains roadway.

Are unique products listed on the APL?

Unique products that are listed on the APL requirements are not eligible to be on the APL. The FDOT may create categories for these products in the future but no product can be listed on the APL until the Specifications are modified.

Where do I find the Commodity Code/VBS (Vendor Bid/ Biz System)?

Please contact Construction Contacts Administration at 850-414-4000.

How long does it take for my application to get approval for the APL?

It can range from 30-90 days or longer based on the product type and testing required. The main reason for delay is manufacturer's not submitting all of the required information.

If I the Manufacturer would like to change my established APL product to something bigger or smaller or a different color or range in size, would I need to complete an APL or Product Change application?

You would need to create a Product Change application to make any form of modification to your established APL product. This also includes software updates, fabrication changes and contact information changes.

I currently have an approved NCHRP 350 product on the APL: would I apply as a Product Change or APL to change it to MASH?

You would apply as an APL because the Product Type will change. The information and requirements can be found in Specification Sections 102, 544 and 900's

I am a Manufacturer with a lot of products: is there any way that I can sync my Requalification dates to be the same date instead of being scattered throughout the year?


You are more than welcomed to request the dates of your Requalification's to be on the same date: However this date must be the date of or later than the last product due for Requalification in that specific even or odd year. Please make contact with Product Evaluation so that they can make this change.

I am a Manufacturer who has bought out another Manufacturer: how do I transfer their products to my Manufacturer in the PATH system?

Product Evaluation will assist you with this request: this is also dependent on conditions of the sale.

I have accidentally created a duplicate Manufacturer in the PATH system: how do I move my application to the correct Manufacturer?

We are unable to move applications at this time from one Manufacturer to another. However we are able to move products once they're approved unless you would like to re-create the application under the correct Manufacturer.

My APL products are listed: why don't my products get bids?

You are responsible for advertising your products along with sending your salesmen out for bids.

I am a Manufacturer who will be in the SMO (State Materials Office) area, can I drop my samples off?

Yes, it is ok to drop off your samples at SMO: However, I would call the designated contact before dropping off Sample based on COVID precautions.

I have glass beads should I send separate or mixed?

For Specification Section 971: send separately.


For Pavement Markings included with binding materials: send a single mixed sample. 

How do I apply for my cones and collar on the APL since they're not together per the Specifications?

Collars for traffic cones are listed separately as sign sheeting materials. Cones can be submitted with collars when the manufacturer has identified the sheeting they're using for the collar. The sheeting must be an APL approved product: Specification Section 990 and 994

How do I get access to the Approved Channelized Supplier List?


You will need to contact Construction for Permissions to channelize traffic using the APL MOT (Maintenance of Traffic) products.

I have Erosion Control Materials I'd like to add to the APL list, where are they in the Specifications?

Most erosion control materials were taken off the APL when Drainage and Construction in conjunction with the EPA and other environmental agencies created and published manuals(Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans for Construction Activities and State of Florida Erosion & Sediment Control Designer & Reviewer Manual). These documents place the responsibility for erosion control on the Contractor. It allows the Contractor to use almost anything they want; FDOT does not approve the products. The only exception is Silt Fence; FDOT still lists erosion control fabrics on the APL under S985, Types E 1-5.

Are there any guidelines I need to follow as a Manufacturer to advertise my products on the APL list?


Please read: Use of Certification Approval Letter Department Name Logo and Mark of Conformity

Many of the tests identified in the Standard Specifications have already been performed by independent laboratories and city/state testing facilities for some manufactures – can these be submitted as equivalent test results lieu of the requirement of the NTPEP?

The Standard Specification will identify when independent testing is allowed to be submitted in lieu of NTPEP testing, and vice versa. In these cases, the Department considers NTPEP as an independent testing facility. When only NTPEP testing is identified, the Department requires that NTPEP must be used for the product testing and reporting. The Department is using the NTPEP program to ensure the testing facility is capable of performing the work in accordance with the AASHTO work plan. This is an important factor in the Department’s quality control program. The Department Standard Specifications also specify testing facilities other than NTPEP, and laboratory certification requirements, for the same reason.

If our products are listed on the APL: can a government agency purchase directly as a state contract without bidding?


Generally speaking, yes. In accordance with Section 287.056, Florida Statutes, state agencies are required to purchase commodities and contractual services from state term contracts procured by the Department of Management Services. Use a request for quote to obtain written pricing or services information from a state term contact vendor for commodities or contractual services. Link to a list of the available state term contracts:https://www.dms.myflorida.com/business_operations/state_purchasing/state_contracts_and_agreements/(contractType)/4110 

What happened to the Qualified Products List (QPL)?

The APL as administered by Traffic Operations and the QPL were merged into a single list on October 20, 2014. All active products from both lists were incorporated into the new APL list.

Can I still use the old QPL/APL numbers?

Effective January 1, 2015: all devices, FDOT documentation and correspondence must start using the new APL numbers. The APL database will continue to maintain the old QPL/APL numbers in the system to allow identification in the field of existing devices. The change in the numbers does not affect the products approval status. If the product is still listed on the APL then the product is approved for that use.

What are Construction (DCE memos)/ Materials Bulletins?


These are memos generated by the Construction or Material sections of the FDOT that address modification made to current Specifications or policy. These lists can be found on the following links:

Materials Bulletin - https://www.fdot.gov/materials/administration/resources/library/materialsbulletins

Construction Memos - http://www.fdot.gov/construction/memos/Current_Memo/CurrentMemos.shtm

What are Florida Methods (FSTM)?


Florida Sampling and Test Methods (FSTM's) are methods created by the State Materials Office for Sampling and testing materials. The test methods are somewhat unique and are intended to address performance issues meeting the Department's needs (corrosion, UV exposure, etc.....). Some of the products submitted for review for listing on the APL will have to present documentation of this testing as required by the Specification they are submitted under. They can be found at the following link: https://www.fdot.gov/materials/administration/resources/library/publications/fstm/disclaimer.shtm

What are 'Standard Specifications' and 'Implemented Modifications'?

This is the compilation of regulations, methods and specifications covering all aspects for new road and bridge construction done for or by the Department. The following link will show the latest version, current workbook with the latest implemented modifications and the archived list of previous workbooks: https://www.fdot.gov/design/publicationslist.shtm


How do I report a Product Deficiency?


There is a Step by Step Guide on how to report a Product Deficiency at the following link: Product Evaluation (fdot.gov)







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