FAQ - Trns∙port and Designer Interface

Question 1:  What is Trns∙port?

Trns∙port is an AASHTOWare suite of software modules used by FDOT to facilitate contract estimating, bid letting and award processes. The modules used in estimating construction projects are PES (Proposal Estimating System) and CES (Construction Estimating System).

Question 2:  How can I get access to Trns∙port?

Only FDOT Estimates staff can have direct access to PES and CES. The Trns∙port Security Coordinator in Central Office maintains roles for in-house staff. Go the Staff Listing for name and number information.

Question 3:  As a designer, how can I load pay items and quantities into Trns∙port if I cannot access the software directly?

Designers must use the Designer Interface, which is an FDOT developed interface that allows designers to easily enter categories, pay items, and quantities into Trns∙port without directly accessing the software.

Question 4:  How can I access the Designer Interface?

It is accessible through the Webgate, from the main Specifications and Estimates Office web page. You must have a valid FDOT userid and a role in Trns∙port to access the Webgate and the Designer Interface.

Question 5:  Can Trns∙port be used for non-FDOT projects?

No, unless the projects are FDOT funded LAP projects. In Florida Trns∙port is intended to be used only for estimating FDOT funded construction projects.

Question 6:  What should I do if I receive an error message on the Designer Interface?

Contact your District Estimates Coordinator. Go the Staff Listing for name and number information.

Question 7:  Is Trns∙port available during evenings and on weekends?

Yes. Hours of operation are 6:00AM-9:00PM (Mon-Fri) and 6:00AM-7:00PM (Sat). Trns∙port is down on Sundays so that routine scheduled maintenance processes can be performed. A complete chart of available hours can be found from the Office of Information Systems site: Hours of Availability

Question 8:  What is webTrns∙port?

WebTrns∙port is the next generation of Trns∙port software; it is expected to be implemented in 2012.

Question 9:  What are the major differences between Trns∙port and webTrns∙port?

WebTrns∙port is not designed as separate modules; it is being designed as a complete package, to be used from pre-construction estimating, through bid letting and award, and ultimately in construction. Access to appropriate input screens will be controlled by user roles.

Question 10:  Will there be a Designer Interface for webTrns∙port?

No. A Designer Interface will not be necessary because the Designer role will allow designers to access only the screens they need to enter pay items and quantities.