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The following is a list of links to other pages, applications or documents. Unless otherwise stated the link is on the heading for each section and typically bolded and in red font. Hover over text will indicate a link.



Design Quantities and Estimates (DQE) 
WebGate Application

This page contains links to the WebGate main menu which contains links to; Designer Interface, AASHTOWare Reports, AASHTOWare Project Preconstruction and others as applicable based on security.

Long Range Estimates (LRE) (links Below)
Bulletins and Memos (links below)
Construction Cost Indicators 

Links to Construction Cost Indicator Reports as presented quarterly.

Historical Cost Information

Links to recent bid history reports. Contains rolling six month, twelve month histories in PDF and Excel formats. Contains history reports in PDF and Excel formats for each Market Area.

Cost Per Mile Models

Long Range Estimates model reports that provide a list of likely pay items and quantities for common construction typical sections. 

Strategic Resource Evaluation Study (SRES) Reports

Links to recent SRES Reports including the final 2020 report, quarterly reports, steel industry updates, trucking indices, stimulus and coronavirus impact reports.