Basis of Estimates Manual - ARCHIVE

Basis of Estimates Manual- ARCHIVE


Please read notice below before using the archive.


The Basis of Estimates is updated throughout the year. Selected major updates are available below, valid as of the publication dates shown. Individual pay items may have effective letting dates, due to coordination with specifications, standards, or other documents. For additional history of changes, contact the Basis of Estimates Coordinator in the State Program Management Office.


The Basis of Estimates is not a contract document. The BOE is intended to assist designers with selection, estimation, and documentation of pay items. While every effort has been made to coordinate guidance with the Design Standards, Plans Preparation Manual, and applicable handbooks, the designer is responsible selecting the appropriate pay items, based on on project conditions. Refer to the contract documents (plans, specifications, and other legal documents) for all construction questions and contractual issues. Refer to the Introduction and Chapter 6 for additional information regarding the use of the BOE and specific pay item details.

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 2019 BOEMeasurement Graphics- as available; access through DQE- BOE
660 Conduit and Conductor
 2018 BOE  
2017 BOEProgram Management Bulletin 17-11 Box Culvert Summary of Quantities 
Program Management Bulletin Numbering Error: No bulletins 05 through 10. Bulletin 17-11 was numbered with Structures bulletin number.
Program Management Bulletin 17-04 January 2018 FDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction
Program Management Bulletin 17-03 Pedestrian Longitudinal Channelization Devices (LCDs)
Program Management Bulletin 17-02 Local Agency Program - Confidentiality of Consultant Data
Program Management Bulletin 17-01 July 2017 FDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction
2016 BOEProgram Management Bulletin 16-06 Clearing and Grubbing
Program Management Bulletin 16-05 Selective Clearing and Grubbing
Program Management Bulletin 16-04 January 2017 FDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction
Program Management Bulletin 16-03 Asphalt Pavement Binders
Program Management Bulletin 16-02 Lump Sum Pay Items- Supplemental Description
Program Management Bulletin 16-01 July 2016 FDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction
2015 BOEEstimates Bulletins changed to Program Management Bulletins due to office name change
Program Management Bulletin 15-03 Local Agency Program - Off-System Project Delivery
Program Management Bulletin 15-02 January 2016 FDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction
Program Management Bulletin 15-01 July 2015 FDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction
2014 BOEEstimates Bulletin 14-07: Route Shield Pavement Markings
Estimates Bulletin 14-06:
Special Detour
Estimates Bulletin 14-05:
Removal of Signalization Items and Related COPS Changes
Estimates Bulletin 14-04:
Automated Contract Bid Review Process
Estimates Bulletin 14-03:
Temp Signalization and Maintenance & Temp Detection and Maintenance
Estimates Bulletin 14-02:
Single Post Median Barrier Mounted Sign Support
Estimates Bulletin 14-01
: Pedestrian Longitudinal Channelizing Devices in Work Zones
2013 BOE Jan 22, 2013.pdf2013 Edition-Details and Structure only, as of January 22, 2013
Estimates Bulletin 13-01: Security of the Official Estimate (PES/CES changes for Estimators)
Estimates Bulletin 13-02: Comp Book and Quantity Computation Documents (for lump sum projects) Distribution Process
Estimates Bulletin 13-03: Landscape and Related Work
Estimates Bulletin 13-04: Lump Sum and Special Design Pay Items on Pushbutton Contracts
Estimates Bulletin 13-05: Loading Pay Items into Appropriate Categories
Estimates Bulletin 13-06: Crash Cushions
Estimates Bulletin 13-07: Sidewalk, Curb Ramps, and Detectable Warnings
Estimates Bulletin 13-08: Midblock Crossing
Estimates Bulletin 13-09: Replacement of Computation Books with Plan Summary Boxes
Q & A for Designers/CADD Users: Link to CADD Office's posted webinars
Estimates Bulletin 13-10:
Estimates Bulletin 13-11:
Highway Signing
Estimates Bulletin 13-12:
Intersection Control Beacon
Estimates Bulletin 13-13:
Pedestrian Detectors
4.6 MB
2012 BOE Feb 20, 2012.pdf2012 Edition- Details and Structure only, as of Feb 20, 2012
Estimates Bulletin 12-01: Added Work on Push Button Contracts; released as joint Construction Memo 01-12
Estimates Bulletin 12-02: Guardrail Payment
Estimates Bulletin 12-03: Dynamic Message Signs
Estimates Bulletin 12-04: Joint Project Agreements- Mobilization and Maintenance of Traffic Pay Items
Revised July 24, 2012 to include a reference to revised Utility Work by Highway Contract Agreement (#710-010-022)
Revised January 22, 2014 to clarify that MOT/MOB are included on the corresponding phase 52 project.
Estimates Bulletin 12-05
: Landscape and Related Work
Estimates Bulletin 12-06: Embankment Utilization for Special Select Soil Option
Estimates Bulletin 12:07: Barrier and Traffic Railing Mounted Signs
Note: this is joint bulletin with Roadway Design, Structures Design, and Construction
Estimates Bulletin 12-08: Steel and Aluminum Pedestrian/Bicycle Railing
Estimates Bulletin 12:09: Temporary Lane Separator
Estimates Bulletin 12-10: Thermoplastic on Open Graded Asphalt Surfaces
Estimates Bulletin 12-11: Security of the Official Estimate
Estimates Bulletin 12-12: Consolidation of Products and Specifications (COPS)- Impact on pay items Tentative Schedule, Oct 2013
Estimates Bulletin 12-13 : Mobilization and Maintenance of Traffic- Multiple Locations
Estimates Bulletin 12-14 : Jack & Bore for Drainage
Estimates Bulletin 12-15 : Conduit and related changes
Estimates Bulletin 12-16 : Asphalt Binders
Estimates Bulletin 12-17 : Vehicle Detectors Graphics, in color
Estimates Bulletin 12-18 : Communication Cable
Estimates Bulletin 12-19: Pull, Splice, and Junction Boxes
Estimates Bulletin 12-20 : Litter and Mowing
Estimates Bulletin 12-21 : 2013 Master File "Pay Item Year"
4.3 MB
2011 BOE Dec 28 2010.pdf2011 Edition, as of December 28, 2010
Estimates Bulletin 11-01: Concrete Pavement- Grinding
Estimates Bulletin 11-02: Disputes Review Board
Estimates Bulletin 11-03: Pavement Markings- Directional Arrow; Example arrows
Estimates Bulletin 11-04: postponed
Estimates Bulletin 11-05: Maintenance of Traffic- Traffic Control Officer
Estimates Bulletin 11-06: Plan Quantity Concept- No Contingencies; released as a joint Roadway Design Bulletin 11-08
Estimates Bulletin 11-07:
High Performance Contrast Tape for Skip Pavement Markings on Concrete Surfaces; released as joint Roadway Design Bulletin 11-12
Estimates Bulletin 11-08:
Patterned Pavement; refer to Roadway Design Bulletin 12-01 for Green Bike Lanes
Estimates Bulletin 11-09:
Temporary SignalsREVISED Oct 4, 2011 to clarify project usage and documentation
Estimates Bulletin 11-10: Crash Cushions,
Released in coordination with Mandatory Specification change
Estimates Bulletin 11-11 (Posted as 12-01):
Initial Contingency on Push Button Projects; released as joint Construction Memo 01-12
4.3 MB
2010 BOE June 1 2010.pdf2010 Edition, as of June 1, 20105.7 MB
2010 BOE Dec 30 2009.pdf2010 Edition, as of December 30, 2009
Estimates Bulletin 10-01: Pipe Culvert Optional Material
Estimates Bulletin 10-02: High Mast Lighting- Foundation
Estimates Bulletin 10-03: 2010 Pay Item Year
Estimates Bulletin 10-04: Business Entrance Signs
Estimates Bulletin 10-05: Wet Weather Pavement Markings
Estimates Bulletin 10-06: Removal of Existing Traffic Control Signals and Devices - Deep Pole Removal
Estimates Bulletin 10-07: New Design-Build Cost Estimating Process
Estimates Bulletin 10-08: 2011 Basis of Estimates
3.7 MB
2009BOE July 7 2009.pdf2009 Edition, as of July 7, 20093.7 MB
2009BOE Oct 6 2008.pdf2009 Edition, as off October 6, 2008
Estimates Bulletin 09-01: Span Wire
Estimates Bulletin 09-02: Erosion Control
Estimates Bulletin 09-03: New Contract Bid Review Schedule
Estimates Bulletin 09-04: Painting Structural Steel
Estimates Bulletin 09-05: Bids Recommended for Rejection by the District
Estimates Bulletin 09-06: Generic Pay Items
Estimates Bulletin 09-07: Litter Removal and Mowing
3.6 MB
2008BOE May 27 2008.pdf2008 Edition- Details and Structure only, as of May 27, 20082.1 MB
2008BOE Jan 16 2008.pdf2008 Edition, as of January 16, 2008
Estimates Bulletin 08-01: ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) Conduit and Electronic Locate
Estimates Bulletin 08-02: Epoxy Injection- Basis of Payment
Estimates Bulletin 08-03: LAP AND JPA Construction Estimates in Work Program (Phase 58)
Estimates Bulletin 08-04: Pavement Markings- Units of Measure
Estimates Bulletin 08-05: Audible and Vibratory Pavement Markings
Estimates Bulletin 08-06: Removal of Pavement Markings- Paint and Thermoplastic
Estimates Bulletin 08-07: Implementation of Perimeter wall design standards
Estimates Bulletin 08-08: Integral Pile Jackets
Estimates Bulletin 08-09: Piling- Dynamic Load Tests
Estimates Bulletin 08-10: Miscellaneous Concrete
5.7 MB
2007BOE Aug 27 2007.pdf2007 Edition- Details and Structure only, as of August 27, 20071.9 MB
2007BOE Jan 12 2007.pdf2007 BOE, as of January 12, 2007
Estimates Bulletin 07-01: Initial Contingency Amount - Do Not Bid,  Payitem 999-25
Estimates Bulletin 07-02: Object Markers and Delineators
Estimates Bulletin 07-03: Pipe Culverts; See also Roadway Bulletin 07-09 
2.2 MB
 2006 BOE
Estimates Bulletin 06-01
Past Cover Letters/ Update Letters

For past Bulletins, 2006 to present, Refer to the Estimates Bulletins page

Summary of Major Changes (January 8, 2007 Cover Letter)

April 26, 2006 for mid-year update

October 3, 2005 for January 2006 update

April 1, 2005 for mid-year update

October 1, 2004 for January 2005 update; 18 KB

April 5, 2004 for mid-year update

October 1, 2003 for January 2004 update

April 7, 2003 for mid-year update REVISED 7-28-03

April 7, 2003 for mid-year update REVISED 4-8-03

October 1, 2002 for January 2003 update REVISED 11-12-2002

October 1, 2002 for January 2003 update

April 1, 2002 for mid-year Update

October 1, 2001 for January 2002 update

April 1, 2001 for July 2001 update

October 1, 2000 for January 2001 update

July 1, 2000 for July 2000 update

April 14, 2000 Special Update for 2000

January 1, 2000 for January 2000 update

July 1, 1999 for July 1999 update

>1 MB each
Note: The Basis of Estimates is a design tool. It is not a contract document. All requirements, measurement, and payment details need to be included in the contract documents: plans, design standards, and/or specifications. Refer to the Introduction and Chapter 6 for additional information regarding the use of the BOE and specific pay item details.