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BOE Chapters
Chapter Number Title Last Updated
CoverCover Page for 202111-1-2020
IntroductionIntroduction 11-1-2020
Chapter 1  Updates and Registration 11-1-2020
Chapter 2 Units of Measure11-1-2020
Engineer's EstimatesPending
Chapter 4  Pay Items and Estimates for Alternative Contracts11-1-2020
Chapter 5 Contact Lists 11-1-2020
Chapter 6 Pay Item Development Process
Activating/Opening Pay Items
Requesting New Items
Coordination Team
Generic Pay Items for Utilities
Developmental Pay Items
Chapter 7  Design Tools
Chapter 8 Summary Boxes Pending
Chapter 9 Applications
Chapter 10 Formatting Pay Items11-1-2020
BOE within DQEBOE Pay Item Database within DQE
This is the active database within Design Quantities and Estimates (DQE) system for the BOE and pay item maintenance. No Login or userID required.
Active Database; revision dates vary by pay item group.
Items 000 to 199

Chapter 11: MOT, Erosion Control, Litter Removal, Mowing, Earthwork 

 Ped LCD Instructions and .zip file 
Items 200 to 299Chapter 12: Base Courses   
 Items 300 to 399Chapter 13: Surface Courses and Concrete Pavement
 Items 400 to 499Chapter 14: Structures, Drainage, Foundations
 Items 500 to 599Chapter 15: Incidental Construction, Curb, Sidewalk, Guardrail, Crash Cushions, Fencing, Turf
 Items 600 to 699Chapter 16: Traffic Control Signals and Devices, Conduit, Midblock Crosswalks, Traffic Monitoring Sites
Items 700 to 799Chapter 17: Signing, Pavement Markings, Lighting
 Items 800 to 899Chapter 18: Mass Transit  
 Items 900 to 999Chapter 19: Developmental and Special Pay Items  
 Items 1000 to 1999Chapter 20: Utilities
Note: The Basis of Estimates is a design tool. It is not a contract document. All requirements, measurement, and payment details need to be included in the contract documents: plans, design standards, and/or specifications. Refer to the Introduction and Chapter 6 for additional information regarding the use of the BOE and specific pay item details.


BOE Appendix

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 NotesChanges to Chapters 1-10 for November 2020 posting
Recent ChangesRevisions to Pay Items
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