Approved Product List (APL)

APL Product Submittals

To submit a product to the Department, the Manufacturer or Distributor needs to start with a Request for Product Consideration application. This application will ensure that the product has included the correct information and will be evaluated in accordance with the appropriate process. This application is the same for all product submissions. Do not provide Proprietary Product information or Trade Secrets to our office unless specifically requested. Contact us if you have any questions.

Manufacturers of steel bridge components, moveable bridge components, pedestrian bridges, castings, forgings, structures erected either partially or completely over the travelled roadway or mounted as overhead traffic signs (some of these may be further classified as cantilevered, overhead trusses, or monotubes) or any other item identified as an item requiring commercial inspection in the Contract Documents, must be an approved Fabricator. This process can be conducted concurrently with a product application, but no approval will be given until this step is complete.

Manufacturers of electronic Traffic Control devices must be an approved Fabricator before they can submit a product for consideration. This step is required if you already have approval for another device. If you are not sure, contact us.

Checklists identify product requirements and the format for the documentation of the submittal. Checklists are provided for MOT devices, electronic Traffic Devices and some materials. A completed checklist for theses products must be completed and submitted with the completed application. When no Checklist exists, the submission must include all the documentation requirements in the Specifications and Design Standards.

Do not send a sample unless instructed to do so by the Product Evaluation Office.

If the product is required to complete a field test, submit a Field Testing Hold Harmless form. Do not submit this form unless instructed to do so by a Product Evaluator.

For a printable flowchart of the APL Process, click here.

Requalification of APL Products

All APL Approved products must be recertified on a regular basis. In accordance with Section 6 of the Specifications, Manufacturers and Distributors are responsible for submitting the necessary documentation and testing in accordance with the requalification schedule.

All dates and frequency for recertification are calculated as the anniversary date of the product APL approval. Products must be recertified in accordance to the requalification schedule and requirements to remain on the APL.

For products that change between the time of approval and recertification, the Department must review and approve the changed product before it can be used in the State. The review allows the Department to ensure that the properties and characteristics of the product have not changed and still meet the Specification and Design Standard requirements. Not all product changes require a new application or testing. Submit this notification and a Product Evaluator will contact you to discuss the changes. Do not provide Proprietary Product information or Trade Secrets to our office unless specifically requested.

Products do not always change from the time of approval to being recertified. When no changes have occurred, a simple letter stating that fact is all that is necessary. The form supplied contains the necessary information for Manufacturers and Distributors to submit.

Deficiency Investigations

An APL product will be considered deficient when there is sufficient evidence that the product is not in compliance with Department Documents. Manufacturers of APL products found to be deficient may be removed from the APL. Removal and replacement of products found to be deficient will be handled in accordance with Department procedures.

When the State Product Evaluation Administrator receives a notification of an alleged APL product deficiency, an investigation is conducted to determine the validity of the allegation. The State Product Evaluation Administrator will notify the manufacturer of a deficiency if the cause of product failure cannot be determined or if it is determined that the product may not be in compliance.

Report a Product Deficiency

To send a notice of an alleged deficiency, go to the APL and select the product APL number. At the bottom of the page is a button to Report a Deficiency.

Or you can contact the Product Evaluation Office directly. Provide the manufacturer name, product name, APL number, deficiency description and your contact information.

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