Materials for Traditional Training Opportunities

Title VI Sub-Recipient Training 

   Training Agenda
   SCAT Training PowerPoint
   ADA LAP PROWAG PowerPoint     
   Designing Pedestrian Facilities (2016 Florida Greenbook)     
   Title VI Basics PowerPoint

Construction Checklist Training

   Construction Checklist Training Agenda
   LAP Project Scheduling 
   LAP Specifications Matrix
   Construction Checklist PowerPoint
    2018 LAP Florida Greenbook

Professional Services Checklist Training

   Professional Services Checklist Training Agenda
   Cost Analysis and Accounting Basics
   LAP PSU Checklist PowerPoint
   Staff Hour Guidelines and Scope of services

ADA Webinar

   ADA Training 2017-08 Recording
   Training Agenda 
   Webinar Powerpoint
   Webinar Handouts
   ADA Primer for State and Local Governments
   ADA Toolkit for State and Local Governments

Proprietary Products Process

   Proprietary Products Process Powerpoint

FHWA Training Materials

1273 Field Compliance

   FHWA 1273 Compliance Training took place on January 17-18, 2018 at the Brevard County Operation Center in Cocoa. The training reviewed, discussed, and analyzed the contents of FHWA 1273 and critical procedures outlined in the Equal Opportunity Contract Compliance Manual Topic 275-020-005. The training was provided in conjunction with FHWA Staff and was intended for FDOT Compliance Staff, Consultants and Industry.

   Survival Guide

Emergency Relief Webinar

    2017 Emergency Relief Materials 
    2016 Emergency Relief Materials

National Highway Institute ADA Pedestrian Facility Design

   2015 DPFA Modules Reference Materials
   Access Board Appendix 1
   Access Board Appendix 2
   Kenny v Yerusalem
   Maryland Policy on APS
   MUTCD Mod 6
   Ranch Cordova Plan Sheet
   Vermont Domes
   Vermont 2006 Field Evaluation