Off-System LAP Specifications
"Big 4"

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Special ProvisionsSpecification Number
Earthwork and Related Operations for LAP (Off-System)
Section 120
(REV 1-23-12) (FA 2-27-12)
LAP120 (83kb)
Superpave Asphalt for LAP (Off-System)
Section 334
(REV 1-26-15) (FA 1-29-15)
LAP334 (103kb)
Concrete for LAP (Off-System)
Section 344
(REV 12-20-11) (FA 2-27-12)
LAP344 (74kb)
Landscaping Installation for LAP (Off-System)
Section 580
(REV 4-5-11) (FA 4-15-11)
LAP580 (41kb)