Florida Pavement Preservation Council Specifications

Florida Pavement Preservation Council


The Florida Pavement Preservation Council is a partnership of agency, industry and academia professionals in Florida focused on the promotion of Pavement Preservation Principles through Education.




These specifications were not developed by and are not owned by the Florida Department of Transportation.

NOTE: These files MAY NOT BE USED on any FDOT projects.



Specifications TitleSpecification Number
Asphalt Rejuvenation
(REV 11-3-16)
FPPC335-Asphalt Rejuvenation (59kb)
Bituminous Chip Seal
(REV 1-29-2014)
FPPC335-Bituminous Chip Seal (59kb)
Bituminous Fog Seal
(REV 1-29-2014)
FPPC335-Bituminous Fog Seal (77kb)
Micro Surfacing
(REV 7-30-2013)
FPPC335-MicroSurfacing (59kb)
Polymer Modified Chip Seal
(REV 5-16-2014)
FPPC335-Polymer Modified Chip Seal (67kb)
Slurry Seal Surfacing
(REV 9-15-2014)
FPPC335-Slurry Seal Surfacing (125kb)