Local Agency Specifications Archives

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Specifications available through this site are archived specification files no longer approved for use by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). These specifications have either been superseded by other implemented specifications (such as Contractor Quality Control (CQC) Specifications or newer technology) or represent materials and technology no longer in use on the State Highway System. They are made available as a convenience to Local Agencies for reference, modification and/or potential use on their projects.

NOTE: They MAY NOT BE USED on FDOT projects.

CAUTION: Since these files are obsolete as FDOT Specifications, cross-references within the text of these files to other FDOT Specification Sections, Articles and/or Sub articles may not be valid. All cross-references must be verified and/or modified by the user to provide proper coordination with other specifications being considered for concurrent use.

Please contact the State Specifications Office to obtain archived copies of the specifications books.