Question 1:  What is LRE?

LRE is FDOT's Long Range Estimates web-based computer system.

Question 2:  What is the purpose of LRE?

LRE is used to develop construction cost estimates for projects in the Department's 5 Year Work Program, and for establishing funding levels for future years. It is a parametric estimating tool used for conceptual estimating prior to the development of design quantities.

Question 3:  Can LRE be used for non-FDOT projects?

No, unless the projects are FDOT funded LAP projects. LRE was designed to be used only for estimating FDOT funded construction projects.

Question 4:  How can I get access to LRE?

LRE requires an FDOT userid and specific role for access. The District LRE Coordinators maintain LRE roles. The list of District Coordinators can be found via the Staff Listing link above.

Question 5:  Who should I contact if I can't access LRE after I have been given a role?

If you can open LRE, but your role is displayed as "Guest", contact your District LRE Coordinator. If you can't access LRE because you don't remember your password, or your userid has been revoked, contact your FDOT Project Manager or District Security Office.

Question 6:  Can I have access in multiple Districts?

Yes. Many consultant users have projects in more than one District.

Question 7:  How is LRE different from Trns∙port?

LRE will generate appropriate pay items, quantities and unit prices based on project characteristics. Trns∙port does not generate pay items and quantities, they must be entered manually.

Question 8:  When should I use LRE, and when should I use Trns∙port?

You should use LRE when the plans have not reached the stage where quantities are known; you should use Trns∙port once the quantities have been developed.

Question 9:  Am I required to use LRE, or can I use Trns∙port to estimate future projects?

You can use Trns∙port if you know the pay items and quantities that will be needed on your project.

Question 10:  Is LRE available during evenings and on weekends?

Yes. Hours of operation are 6:00AM-9:00PM (Mon-Fri) and 6:00AM-7:00PM (Sat). LRE is down on Sundays so that routine scheduled maintenance processes can be performed. A complete chart of available hours can be found from the Office of Information Systems site: Hours of Availability