Question 1:  Who should I contact if a pay item I need is not available?

Contact your District Estimates Office. Unique design situations may require a new or generic pay item. Details of the pay item request process is included in Chapter 6 of the BOE at:

Question 2:  Where can I find information about archived or obsolete pay items?

The Basis of Estimates is NOT a contract document; archived copies cannot be used for contract disputes. Pay item changes most frequently result from specification or design standard changes. Obsolete pay item information is included in Appendix 2 of the BOE. For detailed pay item history on a specific item, contact the Basis of Estimates Coordinator in the State Specifications and Estimates Office.

Question 3:  Where do I find computation book forms?

Comp Book Forms are maintained by the State Construction Office and are available at:

Question 4:  How can I get a listing of all valid pay items?

The Master Pay Items List is posted monthly on the Specifications and Estimates Office website; a link is displayed on the blue sidebar, under Estimating Systems Support / Basis of Estimates and Pay Item Information. For an up-to-the-minute report, authorized users can run the Master Pay Item List from the Trns∙port Reports on the Webgate.