Cheri Sylvester, LRE Administrator
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This class is intended for FDOT staff who need a basic understanding of the LRE system and its reports, without needing to enter/update the LRE system.

Target Audience

FDOT , Project Managers, Work Program staff, or other interested individuals.

Course ID: BT-05-0118

Course Description

This is a 2-3 hour course. It includes:

  • Overview of the system
  • System demo
  • Interpretation of reports

This course is intended to introduce non-estimators to the basic features and capabilities of the LRE system. It is not intended to teach the intricate details of developing an estimate.

Upcoming Classes

Classes are scheduled through the District Estimates Offices, when a group of students have been identified (normally 8-12 per class). To request a future class, or to register for an upcoming class, please contact your District LRE Coordinator.

Course Materials, Handouts, Past Presentations