PrerequisitesThis training is set-up in three parts. See below for guidance on each part. Users are recommended to attend/review Part 1 before Part 2.
Target AudienceDistrict and consultant designers and other individuals involved in pay item selection, plans review, specification package development, and/or plans processing. Maintenance and Construction staff that work with pay items may also be interested in attending. Note: Part 3 is currently under development for FDOT reviewers.
Course IDBT-05-0116 (TRESS update pending)
Course DescriptionThis course will provide District and consultant designers with guidance for using the Basis of Estimates, pay items, and related documents, as well as instructions for preparing the Proposal Summary of Quantities for inclusion in the plans package. Procedure 600-010-001 requires designers and others responsible for compiling PS&E package to take this course (one time only - optional periodic refresher)
Part 1: Introduction to the Basis of Estimates (2 hours)A review of Chapters 1-10: Updates, Estimating Systems (Trnsport, webgate, LRE), Contact persons, Pay Item Structure, Requesting pay items, Generic Pay Items, CADD and COMP forms, Coordination between pay items, standards and specs, Plan Details vs Tech Specs, and basic use of reports.
Example topics:
Timeline for LRE, phase reviews, and Transport modules
Pay Item operations: F&I, install only, relocate, remove
Pay Item requests: Opening items vs new requests
Generic Items: when to use, how to coordinate with responsible office
Forms- plans or comp book
Formatwebinar or videoconference
Part 2: Intermediate Basis of Estimates- Pay Item Use (2 hours)A review of correct (and incorrect) use of pay items, Chapters 11-20. Recent updates and pending changes will be included in this training. Also included is how to use the project edit report and basic item averages.
Example topics:
Erosion control- sediment barriers vs inlet protection
Concrete- CY pay item, incidental, or application specific pay item
Guardrail- limits of payment, end anchorages
Conduit- above ground, underground, or underpavement
Directional Bore- included items or separate payment
Formatwebinar or videoconference
Part 3: Advanced Basis of Estimates- Estimator and Reviewer knowledge sharing (1 hour Quarterly or 2 hours semi-annually, possibly in conjunction with EIG or workshops?)This course is under development, pending input from District staff.
A discussion of standard (and non-standard) use of pay items- between District reviewers and estimators. Also included is limits of measurement (conduit horizontal length vs actual length used), item averages from historical data, and QC reviews.
Formatcontinuously updated PowerPoint presentation and SharePoint page. Issues requiring CO assistance would be assigned to M-Team or C-Team, as applicable, with resolution published in affected documents.
Example TopicsFeedback from Construction- recommended plan/pay item notes.
Inconsistent interpretation of usage notes and/or incomplete pay item details.
Documentation- guidance for consistent use of forms
Incidental work- what is included with existing pay items
Tech Specs, plan details, and development of specs for new pay items
Submitting TopicsDesigners and Reviewers are encouraged to report pay item issues and inconsistencies to their District Estimator, Basis of Estimates Coordinator, or through the Program Management Office's comments page (please select Basis of Estimates for the subject)

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 Please contact your District Estimates Offices if you are interested in attending. Classes will be scheduled as-needed, or when 8-10 participants are identified.

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