Unsolicited Proposals

 Process for submitting an unsolicited proposal for the lease of property Reference:  
 Reference: Florida Statute 337.251, Rule Chapter 14-107.002, and Right of Way Manual Section 10.9 
 The Steps to Submit an Unsolicited Proposal: 
 a. Proposer begins conceptual discussions with the local District or Turnpike Office if the unsolicited proposal is within a limited geographical area or the Central Office if the unsolicited proposal is statewide in nature. 
 b.If FDOT desires to pursue the idea, the proposer will be informed that they may submit to the Department an Unsolicited Proposal with the appropriate application fee. 
 c.Following the review of the actual unsolicited proposal and the Department’s decision to continue, FDOT will prepare a Request for Proposal to solicit formal proposals for Right of Way Lease. Formal advertisement begins at this time and all discussions will be terminated between FDOT and the private proposers. 
 d.At the end of the advertisement period, FDOT will evaluate the proposal(s) as may be appropriate and select a Best Value Proposal for negotiation.  
 e.Following successful negotiations, a Lease and Operating Agreement will be executed with the successful Proposer.