Central Office Procurement Staff

  Carla Perry, P.E.Manager, Procurement Office850-414-4484  
     Audit Review & Support   
  Reimbursement audit review, statewide contract negotiations support, contract cost analysis support, and Consultant Invoice Transmittal System (CITS) Support and training. 
  Jeffrey Owens, CPARate Review Auditor850-414-4539  
  Carliayn KellProfessional Services Qualification Administrator850-414-4597 
  Jon CookProcurement Agent850-414-4369  
  Kelly WallsProfessional Services Qualification Specialist850-414-4485  

Contractual Services & Commodities

  Commodities and contractual services related to the state highway systems. FDOT procures construction materials and services, and other products or services related to the maintenance of roads, bridges or other transportation facilities, as well as supplies and services that support the day-to-day operations of the agency. 
  Paul BakerState Purchasing Administrator850-414-4412 
  Sally DobsonSenior Contract Analyst850-414-4956 
  Sherill JohnsonSenior Contract Analyst/MFMP850-414-4381 
  Cassandra AndersonContract Analyst850-414-4479 
  Vincent MoorePurchasing Agent850-414-4253 
  Jadena Martin
Purchasing Agent850-414-4482 

Professional Services

  Professional consultant services (engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, surveying & mapping, planning, and right of way acquisition)
  Angela Matiyow, P.E.State Professional Services Engineer850-414-4481  
   Professional Services - Contracts Section  
  Bruce LytleProfessional Services Contracts  Supervisor850-414-4680 
  Zach DerringerContracts and Agreements Specialist850-414-4257 
  Aneisha WhitfieldContracts and Agreements Specialist850-414-4288 
  Misty AldermanContracts and Agreements Specialist850-414-4568 
   Professional Services - Systems Support Section  
  Philip PittsBusiness Support Specialist Supervisor850-414-4478 
  Robert SkoglundContract Analyst850-414-4486 
  Michelle TurekCITS Statewide Coordinator850-414-4476