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State Road 60 Corridor Study

The purpose of this study is to assess the travel demand and freight movement along the State Road (SR) 60 corridor in the State of Florida in an effort to find a cohesive solution for the SR 60 corridor which spans four (4) districts by way of four (4) measures:

  • Transportation;
  • Emergency management;
  • Homeland security; and,
  • Economic impact and development.

The study area includes the SR 60 corridor from I-75 in Hillsborough County (District 7) to I-95 in Indian River County (District 4). Additionally, the study will include a corridor analyses through the collection of data during the study process to identify improvement projects as assessed by the four (4) previously mentioned measures. Based on the assessment, a project work plan is to be created and may include capacity improvement projects for the Multi-Modal Unfunded Needs Plan, potential projects to be considered for the Freight Connector Operational Quick Fix program and projects for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) consideration. A final report summarizing and detailing findings as a result of the corridor study is to be developed and delivered.

SR 60 Corridor Study Project Overview

SR 60 Corridor Study Map

SR 60 Corridor Study Meetings and Presentations

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