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The Florida Department of Transportation has developed a Quality/level of service (Q/LOS) computational application written in C# (with Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0). This application employs the 2010 Highway Capacity Manual methodologies for automobiles and other leading methodologies for the bicycle, pedestrian, and bus modes to compute Q/LOS for planning and preliminary engineering. This is a stand-alone application, but it does require Internet Explorer (ver. 5.0 or higher) to be present on your computer for the print preview functionality to work. The setup file executes a typical Windows installation program.

LOS 2012 Download and Installation Instructions:

  • Open
  • Double-click setup.exe.
  • Click "run."
  • Follow the setup routine instructions for the remainder of the installation.

The setup program installs LOSPLAN 2012; there is no need to save the zip file or any of its contents to your computer. Some users, however, may want to download the zip file to install the program on computers without Internet access, for example. To download the zip file, right-click on the "Access LOSPLAN installation files" link above and select "Save Target As." (You must first sign up for product updates for this link to appear.)

  Disclaimer: This software is no longer supported by FDOT and will not be receiving any updates. 

For further information contact Gina Bonyani or phone (850) 414-4707.

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