The Office of Policy Planning (OPP) conducts transportation-related economic analyses. Products from this analysis are linked from this page. Please direct any questions to The Office of Policy Planning.


  • Inflation Factors -- updated 04/24/2019
    • Advisory Inflation Factors For Previous Years (1987-2018) -- Highway construction cost inflation rates for previous years. May be useful for adjusting project costs from prior years to the current Fiscal Year. --   updated 03/12/2019
    • Construction Cost Indicators - The report is updated on a quarterly basis. The current version was posted on May 4, 2017.
  • Bridge Costs - Information on the range of costs of short, medium and long span bridges. Demolition and widening costs are also included. (posted on 5/12/14)
  • Transit Costs - Information on Florida-specific, estimates for systems costs, operating costs and new vehicle costs. (posted on 03/19/15)
  • Update on Highway Construction Cost Trends in Florida - The report presents key findings and a summary of the activities undertaken by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). It also identifies a number of continuing actions that are designed to help keep track of the current state and direction of Florida's construction market.