How Will Future Corridors Be Planned?


FDOT has developed a three stage process for planning future statewide corridors. The basic steps for each study area are:

Planning Process
  • Complete a high-level Concept report to identify statewide connectivity and mobility needs in the study area; determine whether a significant transportation investment in the study area is consistent with statewide policies and available regional and community visions and plans for future growth; identify key community and environmental issues to be considered in future stages; and identify a framework for moving forward in the study area.
  • Conduct an Evaluation of one or more segments of the full study area to identify and assess potential alternative multimodal solutions to the anticipated mobility and connectivity needs; work with partners to build consensus around potential solutions; and develop an action plan for future work on viable corridors.
  • Use FDOT's established Efficient Transportation Decision-Making and Project Development and Environment processes to conduct more detailed analyses of specific alternative corridor improvements, continue coordination with stakeholders, and advance projects into implementation.