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The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has established a statewide “Partnership Council” on bicycle and pedestrian mobility. The Council includes key partners and other stakeholders. The Council will promote the livability, health and economic benefits of bicycle and pedestrian activity by serving as a forum to provide guidance to the FDOT, its partners and other stakeholders on policy matters and issues affecting the bicycle and pedestrian transportation needs of the State of Florida. The Councils functions include the following:
  • Provide policy recommendations to bicycle and pedestrian partners and stakeholders, including FDOT, on selected issues of importance to bicycle and pedestrian mobility and safety.
  • Provide advice and input to bicycle and pedestrian partners and stakeholders, including FDOT, on bicycle and pedestrian issues, plans and operations.
  • Support bicycle and pedestrian advocates in identifying and promoting best practices.
  • Provide an opportunity for bicycle and pedestrian advocates to exchange and understand policy information relevant to bicycle and pedestrian mobility and safety.
  • Provide a conduit for information and policy recommendations between FDOT, its partners, and bicyclists and pedestrians.
The Council will be a standing body. It will identify focus areas for recommendations and best practices on an annual basis. Recommendations and best practices will be organized consistent with the Council’s focus areas and documented in an annual report.
The function of the Florida Bicycle and Pedestrian Partnership Council also includes advising the FDOT, partners and stakeholders on all transportation planning and safety activities, including the Florida Transportation Plan (FTP), through increased coordination and collaboration.

Roles and Responsibilities


The Bicycle and Pedestrian Partnership Council chair is responsible for guiding the Council meetings, directing technical staff and facilitators in meeting the Council’s responsibilities and bringing draft language based on members’ discussions and recommendations to the full Council.


Bicycle and Pedestrian Partnership Council members will serve on the council representing key stakeholder interests. Members are responsible for engaging in the process of discussion and developing draft recommendations for full Council consideration. Members will be expected to convey the perspectives of the organizations and groups they represent to the Council, and to ensure that their organizations and groups are aware of discussions and recommendations of the Council.

FDOT Staff and Consultants

The FDOT staff and consultants will assist the Bicycle and Pedestrian Partnership Council with their meetings; support technical and information needs, including data and information gathering and distribution; and draft recommendation language as directed for full Council consideration. General Public – The public will be invited to offer input and make suggestions for the Council to consider at all meetings.

Professional Facilitation

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Partnership Council will use professional facilitation, as needed, to assist the chair in facilitating the Council’s efforts to build consensus on its recommendations.