MPO Measures Reporting


Since 2017, FDOT Forecasting and Trends Office has assisted Florida's 27 MPOs* with reporting on ten mobility measures. The measures for a specific year are reported by available data at the time of reporting. Each year, six core measures are reported for each MPO. Eight measures are rotated every other year with four measures reported in the odd year and four in the even year.

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Six Core Measures

Odd Year Rotating Measures

Even Year Rotating Measures

  • Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)
  • Daily Truck Miles Traveled
  • On-Time Arrival
  • Planning Time Index (PTI)
  • Daily Vehicle Hours of Delay
  • Percent Miles Heavily Congested
  • Percent Pedestrian Facility Coverage
  • Percent Bicycle Facility Coverage
  • Average Job Accessibility by Auto within 30 Minutes
  • Average Job Accessibility by Transit within 30 Minutes
  • Person Miles Traveled
  • Combination Truck On-Time Arrival
  • Average Travel Speed
  • Percent Travel Meeting LOS Criteria in The Peak Hour
For other MPO-related information, please visit: MPOAC Website and FDOT Metropolitan Support Program

Note: MPOs = Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organizations (MTPOs), Transportation Planning Agencies (TPAs) and Transportation Planning Organizations (TPOs)
For further information contact Monica Zhong or phone (850) 414-4808