District Freight Coordinators


The FLP office, working with the FDOT District’s modal staff and Secretaries, recently incorporated Regional Freight Coordinators in all its seven district offices and Turnpike to serve as the primary contact for their district in coordinating matters of freight mobility, including— highways, air, marine, spaceports and rail, and involving multiple public agencies and private businesses to ensure these programs are in alignment with strategic objectives and our work program.  Freight Coordinator Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Serves as the primary contact for their respective district in coordinating on matters of freight and act as a resource for connecting freight issues with other governmental organizations and the private sector.  

  • Assists in facilitating public and private, state and local and state and federal freight transportation investment decisions. Communicates, informs and seeks input from national and international freight customers/partners (shippers, carriers, and other related state and federal government agencies) using methods such as targeted email lists, surveys, interviews, focus groups and forums.

  • Serves as the point freight contact for their designated District(s) for freight interests on the regional and statewide levels, interact at the national and international level with other federal freight coordinators/officials, initiating dialogue as needed, as well as coordinating with economic development agencies, the private sector, and other stakeholders to insure a united front in freight and multimodal transportation improvements within their district/region.   

  • Develops and implements strategies in a consistent, predictable and repeatable manner to improve freight mobility, freight infrastructure, and related operations throughout Florida and regions as part of one integrated, multimodal system regardless of funding or ownership (i.e., public, private, or mixed public and private) within the state. This includes the ability to assist in implementing and communicating the strategies laid out in the Florida Mobility Trade Plan to aid in Florida’s statewide goal to become an international hub for trade and logistics activity.  


FDOT District Freight Coordinator Contact Info