Through publications, like reference guides, maps, and project literature, the DOT reaches many Floridians and visitors, informing them about a broad range of transportation issues. Tailored to the needs of each audience, these publications explain how we are organized, who to contact, key responsibilities, transportation financing, and the design and construction process.

Response to Inquiries

Providing timely responses to inquiries from the press, government officials, and the public is a crucial function of the communications office.

Public Hearings/Meetings/Workshops

The central and district communications offices take an active role in the public involvement process and explore ways to be of assistance.

District Information

The Florida Department of Transportation is decentralized in accordance with legislative mandates.

Each of the districts is managed by a District Secretary. The districts vary in organizational structure, but in general each has major divisions for Administration, Planning, Production and Operations. Also, each district has a Communications Office that reports to the District Secretary and a District Chief Counsel who reports to the DOT General Counsel in Tallahassee.