Office of Environmental Management

Statewide Acceleration Transformation (SWAT) Process

On-demand SWAT Training

  • SWAT Module 1: Overview of the Statewide Acceleration Transformation (SWAT) Process - 6/2020 - (Video) - This course provides a broad overview of the SWAT Process.
  • SWAT Module 2: Long-Range Transportation Planning and the FDOT Work Program Development Cycle - 6/2020 - (Video) - This course provides an understanding of Long-Range Transportation Planning activities in Florida, to show how the SWAT Process supports and informs programming decisions made during FDOT’s annual Work Program Development Cycle.
  • SWAT Module 3: The SWAT Planning Meeting - 6/2020 - (Video) - This course explains how Districts collect and evaluate unfunded “candidate projects” to inform their Work Program development.
  • SWAT Module 4: The SWAT Strategy Meeting - 6/2020 - (Video) - This course explains how qualifying projects selected for the Five-Year Work Program are further evaluated to optimize an individual approach strategy for each project. We also discuss activities which advance projects before commencement of PD&E and Design Phases.
  • SWAT Module 5: The SWAT Kick-off Meeting - 6/2020 - (Video) - This course explains the timing, purpose, and proceedings of the SWAT Kick-off Meeting, including scope development and preparation for Consultant Acquisition activities to initiate the PD&E Phase –including Design services.  It also covers the completion of any remaining Pre-PD&E activities, and finally discusses PD&E Scheduling activities.
  • SWAT Module 6: After the SWAT Kick-off Meeting - 6/2020 - (Video) - This course explains activities that continue after the SWAT Kick-off Meeting, to ensure that the subject project is ready to start the PD&E Phase on time.
  • SWAT Module 7: SWAT Benefits to FDOT as a Project Management and Staff Development Process - 6/2020 - (Video) -  This course shows how Statewide Acceleration Transformation, as a process, provides a flexible and consistent systems-approach benefiting FDOT Project Management at the District level. When thoughtfully implemented, SWAT also provides an excellent platform to develop knowledgeable and seasoned staff – leading to future FDOT managers, and SWAT also encourages personal interactions and a team environment through collaboration among disciplines.


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