The Mission of FDOT Training


The Training Mission of the department is to improve productivity and meet work force needs as specified in the requirements of Title X, Florida Statutes 110.1099, 110.235, 110.403 (3) (a) and 110.601.


This is accomplished by

  • providing opportunities to better use and enhance employee skills and creating an atmosphere that encourages self-development,

  • developing, delivering and coordinating programs to improve leadership, managerial and supervisory skills and implementing strategies to help managers and supervisors fulfill their responsibility to develop employees,

  • recommending, designing, delivering and coordinating training efforts to increase job satisfaction and productivity, resulting in a highly trained workforce providing the highest possible return to our citizens,

  • projecting, assessing and interpreting work force needs and recommending solutions,

  • ensuring a resource pool for the department's professional and technical work force requirements,

  • collaborating with districts to diagnose and design strategies to solve specific work group problems.