Business Plan

The FDOT Business Plan Process


The FDOT Business Plan is designed to identify the most critical objectives of the agency for direction and focus and to deploy the objectives throughout the agency through Function and Unit Plans built by the statewide functions and districts in support of the identified objectives.

These Function and Unit Plans are required of the key functions identified by the Executive Team and for each district. Districts and Central Office functions have the option of additional more detailed plans for units and offices.

The FDOT Business Plan is created annually by the Executive Team and reported monthly and quarterly. It identifies the most critical objectives of the agency, provides overall direction to the organization, and is the basis of all other plans.

Function Plans (i.e. Construction, Maintenance, Personnel, etc.) are statewide plans created as a cooperative effort between Central Office and the districts defining the key business objectives of the function and the linkages to the FDOT Business Plan.

Unit Plans which support and show linkages to both the FDOT Business Plan and the Function Plans. Districts, Central Office and Turnpike Enterprise are required to have an overall Unit Plan for each identified function. These plans are usually more detailed and specific in objectives, activities, and measures than the FDOT Business Plan.

Additional breakout plans for units or offices are optional (i.e. Lake City Maintenance, Jacksonville Maintenance, Gainesville Maintenance, etc.).

The final link is built by the manager/supervisor for each individual employee in the Employee Performance System (EPS). An EPS is required for all employees and must include linkage between the employee's assigned work responsibilities and the FDOT Business Plan and the appropriate Function and/or Unit Plan(s).