Team Functions

The mission of the Organizational Development Team is to fulfill the Florida Department of Transportation's organizational and employee development needs through quality, policy, and training management.  The three units working within the Organizational Development Office are Quality Management and Support, Policy and Process Management, and Training Management and Design.


The mission of the Quality Management and Support unit is to promote quality and accountability through the facilitation of strategic planning, employee engagement, and innovative concepts. Pursuant to Florida Statute, FDOT is required to provide a level of quality management throughout its functional work units.


The Policy and Process Management’s mission is to support internal and external customers through the management of policies and procedures, forms, and special initiatives. Pursuant to F.S. 334.048, FDOT is required to provide policy management.


The mission of the Training Management and Design unit is to promote employee development and organizational effectiveness through the planning, development, design, and delivery of quality and compliant leadership and skill development programs and supporting services. Pursuant to F.S. 20.23, F.S. 110.105, F.S. 110.1099, F.S. 110.235, and F.S. 334.048, FDOT is required to provide and track education and development opportunities for its employees.