Seed Procurement Process

The Office of Maintenance (OOM) purchases wildflower seeds for the Maintenance Districts based on available budget in the  OOM. In 2013 and 2014, OOM spent about $75,000 each year for wildflower seed. Each Maintenance District may use their own expense funds to purchase wildflower seeds.

The OOM seed procurement process starts in the mid-winter. By early February, each District compiles seed requests (species and amounts) from each of their maintenance yards and submits their requests to Tim Allen in the Central Maintenance Office. The list of species and amounts are assembled into a formal bid request, which is then posted on MyFloridaMarketplace in March/April. The goal is to have the seed delivered by late August/September so seeds can be planted in the fall. This time line must be adhered to as orders encumbered by June have to be received, processed and paid for by about September 20 or that money is lost and that seed order is cancelled.

In order to bid on wildflower seed, vendors must have a Florida seed dealer's license issued by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

For more information about selecting wildflower seeds to plant:See Considerations when Ordering Wildflower Seed and Preparing Plans
Plant Range Maps
For information about the seed procurement process:
·      Contact Jon Heller at (850) 410-563

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