Wildflower Specialty License Plate

The Florida Federation of Garden Clubs vision for a Wildflower Specialty License Plate in the early 1990s finally began to take shape in the latter half of the 1990s. In 1996, FDOT agreed to pay the $30,000 application fee for the Wildflower Plate if the 10,000 signatures could be obtained and proceeds from Wildflower Plate were used to support FDOT’s Wildflower Program. The FFGC successfully led the effort to collect the required signatures. In July 1999, the legislature approved the Wildflower Plate, and it went on sale in spring 2000.

The Wildflower Plate was designed by Tallahassee artist Bill Celander (1953-2011). Bill wanted the Coreopsis flower on the plate to be easily seen so the Coreopsis flower depicted on the plate was artistically enhanced based on the only two Florida species that had flowers with red centers. Most Florida Coreopsis species have solid yellow flowers. While one Florida Coreopsis species has pinkish purple flowers, it only occurs in north Florida.

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