Florida Federation of Garden Clubs

The Florida Federation of Garden Clubs has been and continues to be a strong supporter of FDOT’s Wildflower Program. As was noted in FDOT’s publication Wildflowers in Florida:

The Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. must be given considerable credit for the patience shown in working with the department in developing incentives to succeed with the program. They encouraged the department to fund research in 1984 to investigate the difficulty in establishing new stands of wildflowers. This research project was to recommend (a) the best varieties for planting along Florida's roadsides, (b) the best planting techniques for each species, (c) the best seasonal schedules for various species, and (d) the best maintenance operations and mowing schedules to ensure success.

In 1985, the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs and FDOT Maintenance developed the Ella P. Wood Paths of Sunshine Awards program, which is designed to “To recognize Roadside Maintenance Units, whose workers, through their superior efforts and with special pride in their work, have improved, enhanced, and added visual quality and beauty to Florida's Interstates, US, and State Highways while emphasizing the beneficial use of Florida native shrubs, trees and wildflowers on State roadsides.”  This program has thrived since its inception.

And in 1996, the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs led the effort to obtain a Florida Wildflower Specialty License Plate, the funds of which have led to Florida having one of the nation’s leading native wildflower programs.

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