Landscape Architects


Landscape architects preparing plans for highway landscape projects should contact the appropriate FDOT District Landscape Architect for up to date information and advice for completing a successful project. In some FDOT Districts, this person is not a Florida Registered Landscape Architect, and is referred to as District Landscape Manager.


Plans for landscape projects prepared under contract with the Florida Department of Transportation comply with the FDOT Design Manual.

Plans for other landscape projects comply with Part I, Rule Chapter 14-40, F.A.C. Highway Beautification and Landscape Management.

How-To and Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become a prequalified landscape architect?


Landscape Architects must be pre-qualified with the department to compete for highway landscape projects contracted by the Department. The FDOT Procurement Office provides everything you need to complete the pre-qualification process, and to learn about planned projects. Information on prequalification is also available at the Publications link of the home page and forms for prequalification at the Forms link.


Where do I compete for landscape architecture services?


Announcements regarding projects requiring professional services may be viewed at Professional Services Advertisements and include:

1.  Planned Consultant Projects (Planned),

2.  Current Professional Services Advertisements,

3.  Professional Services Selection Results (Shortlisted, Final Selections), Planned, Current, and Selection Results for Design/Build projects can be found at the Office of Construction.


These announcements generally require prequalification with the Department. A number of types of work have been identified for which professional consultants are frequently used. Consultants desiring to compete for contracts in these standard types of work are required to prequalify annually. Prequalified consultants may respond to currently advertised projects with a letter of interest typically limited to two pages. At least three firms will be shortlisted for each advertised project and provides either written or oral technical proposals. The contract fee is then negotiated with the top ranked firm.


Where can I get information about planning, design, construction, and management of wildflowers?


You may find information about the FDOT Wildflower Program and the Procedure document here.


What is FDOT policy, process, etc. for dealing with invasive exotic plants?


To minimize the spread of invasive plants, the FDOT follows these Voluntary Codes of Conduct.


Where can I get a list of prequalified landscape architects?


To view a list of Prequalified Consultants, go to the Prequalified Consultants Listings menu link.